King City is a 1,920-acre new city development in the Western Region of Ghana, the centre of the region’s mining and energy sector.

King City is located 10km from Takoradi Harbour and sits in the growth path of Takoradi and the region’s burgeoning trade routes. As the onshore access point for Ghana’s oil and natural gas fields, Takoradi is the third largest city in Ghana. The discovery and development of major oil fields just 60km offshore are transforming the regional capital into a booming metropolis.

In partnership with the Takoradiman Stool, King City is a project by Rendeavour, the largest new city builder in Africa. Rendeavour–backed by American, Norwegian, British, and New Zealand investors–is building seven new cities in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zambia. Rendeavour mixed-use cities are renowned for their high-quality land title, master planning and world-class infrastructure.

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